Can the circle be unbroken? Who knows? Is the Accidental Racist racist? Who knows? We’ve listened to that song more times than we care to talk about now and frankly, it’s been reduced to little more than a terrible country song with some MOR rapping laid on top; one of the worst musical unions we have heard in a very long time, there, from Brad Paisley and LL Cool J. They were an unlikely studio pairing and we’re going to go so far as to say that it was probably an ‘unwanted’ one, too, for the most part.

If you think about Accidental Racist too hard, it will blow your mind. It’s a song about racism, it’s a song that is criticising racism, dissecting the cultural context that leads people to accidentally be a bit racist, without really realising it. Yet, somehow, Accidental Racist is… accidentally racist. It’s literally The Most Ironic Song EVER. Hands Down. It’s such a mind-blowing concept that you’d be better off trying to understand what happened before the big bang.

Thankfully, the world’s celebrities and comedians were on hand to provide a little light relief from the intense pressures of thinking too hard about Accidental Racist. Al Yankovic posted a tweet which, somewhat hilariously read “I WOULD do ‘Accidental Nazi’ but I'm not sure I could get Mel Brooks to do the rapping part” (Brooks has bad form in the world of anti-Semitism, in case you weren’t aware). Meanwhile, Patton Oswalt tweeted “I can't wait for Brad Paisley & LL Cool J's next single: ‘Whoopsy Daisy, Holocaust, My Bad.’ That song was a tragedy. We’re just grateful that others have been able to get a few laughs out of it, because we’re still weeping over here.