Review of Power Album by Boys Noize

Review of Boy Noize's album Power

Boys Noize Power Album

Boys Noize aka Alexander Ridha is certainly a well known act in world of dance music and release his second album 'Power' on his own record label Boynoize Records. It's no surprise he's German making edgy electro music with a lot of punch and 'out there' abandon'.

'Power' is certainly a good album. 'Kontact Me' has all the German madness and hard hitting experimentation to remind us that we do live in the 21st Century. It's nuts! 'Trooper' is a very original track too and as soon as 'Drummer' came on I was giving serious respect to this pioneer.

If you're into sampling, electro experimentation or something fresh I would get this. It's heavy. Top marks for effort and originality.

Tareck Ghoneim

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