Review of Thunder Single by Boys Like Girls

Single review of Thunder by Boys Like Girls

Boys Like Girls Thunder Single

This quartet of kids from Boston, Massachusetts, is another in the long line of pop-rock bands that America seems to export in abundance. Though their self-titled debut record was released in 2006, they are now gaining wider exposure after playing alongside Fall Out Boy and Lostprophets.

One of the better tracks from their album, 'Thunder' is a power-ballad that carefully treads the line of cheesy and nauseating. Ticking all the boxes you'd expect (epic production, dramatic strings, bellowing guitars etc) it is a decent enough sing-a-long, though quite why a radio remix has been sanctioned is baffling as the closing seconds are a mess of vocal overlaps. Far from a representation of their usual songs, those who are fans of the genre could do worse than check this outfit out when looking for their next fix.

Alex Lai

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