Boy George says the chances of him ''ever being in a band'' again with Jon Moss are ''slim to none''.

The 59-year-old singer recently said he ''apologised'' to the former Culture Club drummer for the ''bitterness and feuding'' between the pair, who were involved in a relationship at the height of the pop group's success in the 1980s, although the romance was kept under wraps at the time.

Last week, Boy George - real name George O'Dowd - posted a screenshot of a story on Twitter in which he was quoted as saying he had lost sight of the good times he had with Jon and was ready to reach out and make amends.

And after one fan said he had ''forgiven Jon much sooner'' than they had, George responded on Friday (14.08.20) to insist that his apology doesn't mean he's ready to reunite with his former bandmate.

He wrote: ''My comment, has, predictably, been misconstrued. The likelihood of me ever being in a band with Jon again is slim or none!''

George reached out to Jon, 62, amid their ongoing court case, after Jon sued his former Culture Club bandmates - also including Mikey Craig and Roy Hay - and accused them of letting him go before they went on tour in 2018.

Jon's lawyers claimed he was told to ''take a break'' by their manager Paul Kemsley, but a spokeswoman for the group had insisted: ''Jon is taking a break from Culture Club, but the door is always open.''

George and Jon's romance ended in 1986 just before the group split, but they put their differences aside to reunite in 1998 for a tour and performance on 'VH1 Storytellers'.

The 'Karma Chameleon' hitmakers had several other reunions and most recently reformed in 2014 going on to release new album 'Life' in 2018, their first studio LP since 1999's 'Don't Mind If I Do'.