Boy George's mother is back at home after spending time in hospital.

The Culture Club star revealed earlier this month his mother Dinah O'Dowd had been taken to Queen Elizabeth hospital in London due to a ''problem with her heart or lungs''.

And after initially being concerned his mother wouldn't be saved if her condition worsened, Boy George has now confirmed Dinah is back at home resting.

The 'Karma Chameleon' hitmaker insisted the hospitalisation had nothing to do with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but said he had been worried for her health whilst in hospital amid the health crisis.

He said: ''My mum's good, she's back home now. She was in hospital for two days, luckily it was not corona related so that's good.

''And it wasn't what we initially thought so everything about it was just getting her home from the hospital because obviously with everything that's going on, my mum's 82 so it's not the best place for her to be.''

Boy George also praised the nurses and doctors who looked after his mother, as he revealed they did their best to keep her spirits high.

Speaking during an appearance on 'Lorraine', he added: ''I managed to speak to her on the phone, which was really funny. There was this really beautiful moment where this nurse was singing to mum, and my mum said 'I can't hear you, take your mask off!' ''

Earlier this month, the singer took to Twitter to ask his fans to pray for his ''beautiful mum'' after doctors said they wouldn't resuscitate her if her health deteriorated.

He wrote: ''My beautiful mum is in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich.

''A problem with her heart or lungs. She's stable but they have said they won't resuscitate her if things go wrong? Apparently, it won't work? How can they know. Please pray! @LG_NHS. (sic)''