Boy George has written seven albums worth of music in lockdown.

The 58-year-old singer has revealed he's been incredibly productive amid the coronavirus pandemic, and his new record label is sure to be thrilled with his diligence.

He shared: ''I've written so much music I've got enough for six or seven albums.

''I'm not saying every single thing is good but I signed a deal just before Christmas with a company called ­Primary Wave, whose job it is to go out and place your music in movies.

''I own copyright with them. It's a new experience for me to own music.

''I don't own any of the stuff I did in the 80s - the publishers can do what they want with it and they do do what they want with it.''

The Culture Club star bemoaned how some of his previous hits are now being used.

Speaking about his chart-topping single 'Karma Chameleon', he told Louis Theroux's 'Grounded' podcast: ''Not only do I not own it, they can change the lyrics, give it to a burger shop. They have done that.

''They did a version of 'Karma ­Chameleon' that was about carrots and peas. Of course we see money from it but I'd pay them not to do that.''

Meanwhile, the pop star previously claimed society has become ''boring''.

The singer made the comment after being turned away from a nightclub because he was wearing a disguise.

He reflected: ''I went out to a club last year in complete disguise. My friend painted a mask and put these big, mad, surgically-enhanced lips on it. But the security were like, 'You have to take off your mask'. I said [putting on an Italian diva accent], 'No dahlink, you crazy! I don't take off!'

''So I had to go home in a cab ... and the cab driver's face! He was saying, 'Are you a bloke or a woman?' and I said, 'Everything dahlink!'

''It was a fun night - well, the journey there and back was fun. Not getting into the club was ... whatever. You wouldn't have had that in the 70s and the 80s. We're so much more boring now. But I'm not!''