Boy George is convinced Robbie Williams and his best pal JONATHAN WILKES are gay - after a chance meeting in a Los Angeles tattoo parlour.

Williams admits he's far from concerned about what people think about his relationship with Wilkes because the two are "soulmates" who've known each other "since birth" - but he's always amused when gay friends assume they're romantically linked.

Robbie says, "We went into this tattoo parlour on Sunset Strip and for some reason Boy George was there. We see him and it's all fine.

"Then we go to the Brit Awards about five months later. We see George there and he says, `Hello Robbie, hello Cousin.'

"I look at Johnny and say, `Y'know what that means - he thinks we're gay.'

"We always play with being gay. It's so tongue-in-cheek. It's funny that people care so much."

07/05/2003 01:48