Review of Dressed to Digress Single by Boy Crisis

Review of Dressed to Digress a single from Boy Crisis.

Boy Crisis Dressed to Digress Single

Well. what can I say, this track would go down well, pardon the pun, on (C)anal (S)treet in Manchester I think. Boy Crisis describe themselves as 'a semi-cosmic cultural entity' and I would describe their track just as. camp. Although, at the same time, like so many of our youths these days, it seems a little confused.

It has a definite G.A.Y. edge to it with its strong disco flavour, so much so it's a bit like a camped up Kylie track, yes. Kylie camped up. The lyrics include 'You can do me up like Woodrow Wilson' and 'You can do me like Bruce Springsteen'. Now I think he is talking to a woman, hence 'I'm just a tiger and looking for a tigress' but the sound of the track coupled with the look of the band makes you think otherwise and also I'm not totally hip with current terms on the gay scene, so it may actually be me who is confused and not Boy Crisis.

The track is an out and out disco pop song which is catchy and will probably be enjoyed by an eclectic few on the dance floors, and I'm sure they would be very entertaining live.

Pablo Roffey

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