Review of Sorry For Partyin' Album by Bowling For Soup

Review of Bowling For Soup's album Sorry For Partyin'

Bowling For Soup Sorry For Partyin' Album

Nearly 15 years after their first studio release Texas combo Bowling For Soup return with their tenth studio album. They may never have reached the success of the likes of Blink 182, but they received a Grammy Award nomination for 2002's 'Girl All The Bad Guys Want', which was also their biggest UK hit, landing in the top ten of the singles chart.

The key to BFS' longevity has always been that they can be counted on to deliver a decent slice of humorous punk-rock, something which they continue from the outset of this album. 'A Really Cool Dance Song' is actually neither cool nor dance, but is a synth-laced dig by Jaret Redick at those who follow trends to score a hit. It has the band's trademark humour and raises a laugh, particularly when the drums disappear, and it matched by 'BFFF'. Tackling the difficulty of telling a same sex friend you love them (but not in a homosexual way), it's a quirky mid-tempo number that many a male can relate to. Aside from this couplet the vast majority of 'Sorry For Partyin'' is smutty punk by numbers, you can take your pick from 'My Wena', 'Love Goes Boom' and various others for solid but unspectacular tracks. 'Me With No You' does offer variation as a highly clichéd acoustic-to-power ballad, but ultimately there are no surprises from the quartet. It should keep their fans happy and see them remain a mid-table act amongst their peers.

Alex Lai

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