Review of The Family Afloat Album by Bound Stems

Album review of 'The Family Afloat' by Bound Stems released through Flameshovel.

Bound Stems The Family Afloat Album

Clever, enjoyable and imaginative music isn't actually all that easy to come by in recent years, there's been some great exceptions but it's always nice to find a new band that fills the criteria.

'Clear Water' or 'Concrete' perfectly surmise 'The Family Afloat' if you enjoy those two tracks it's pretty much given this CD will find a happy home in your CD player for many weeks and months to come.

As previously noted, the whole album is incredibly literate, able and also reminiscences to Neutral Milk Hotel's 'In The Aeroplane Over The Sea' as well as paying homage to quieter bands such as an early Modest Mouse or Fiery Furnaces, they all build their song foundations on a simple idea and raise the musicianship is such ways it adds a new dimension to songs.

Everything is perfectly placed, it seems like Bound Stems have thought about what this album for a long time and they've really pulled it off.
Album of the week.

Rating 8/10

Mike Rea

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