Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, has secured a deal with Bollywood producer Sajid Nadiadwala, to ensure that he will film his next two Bollywood movies in London.

The deal was brokered during the bumbling Tory’s trip to India, in which he hoped to entice the Indian film industry over to London, with promises of tax breaks, assistance with street-clearing and, presumably, a nice plate of fish and chips.

His meeting with Bollywood’s big players was part of a £20,000 trip to India, which has seen him being booked on economy flights, to avoid the criticism received by his predecessor Ken Livingstone (a similar trip saw Ken splash around £740,000). On most his flights, Boris has found himself bumped up to business class but he got a nasty shock when he got on the same flight as Bollywood superstar Kajol Devgn, whose entourage had taken up all of the higher-class seats on the plane, whilst Johnson was left languishing in economy. Although he was too embarrassed to talk to Kajol during the flight, he did catch up with her later and told Sky News, “The key thing is that Kajol loves working in London and she does a huge number of movies in London. She is just one example of the way India and London can contribute to produce great movies.”

So, thanks to (or possibly ‘in spite of’) Boris’ trip to India, London, Nadiadwala has agreed to film two movies in London, one of which will be the next installment in the popular Housefull series.