March could either be one of the most exciting months of the year, or one of the most disappointing as we see some long-awaited comebacks (The Boomtown Rats, Pearl Jam), some quirky debuts (Conan Gray, The Chats) and a potentially soul-saving record from Adam Lambert. It's an eclectic mix, but something is bound to land on our Top 2020 Albums list.

The Boomtown Rats - Citizens of Boomtown

(March 13)

Bob Geldof's band reunited seven years ago but it's only now they are finally unveiling their comeback album Citzens of Boomtown - their first album in more than 35 years. Best known for their 1979 hit I Don't Like Mondays, The Boomtown Rats weren't having the same chart success in the years before their split, but we're still excited to see if they can shake things up a bit this year. First single Trash Glam Baby certainly feels like a blast from the past.

The Boomtown Rats - Citizens of BoomtownThe Boomtown Rats - Citizens of Boomtown

Joywave - Possession

(March 13)

We're going to call them "indie rock" but the truth is, Joywave have always had such a diverse, genre-defying sound. Possession looks to be going in the same direction with soaring synths, uplifting rhythms and a space-theme running through it. It's the perfect road trip record, if that road trip happens to be to the moon. With samples from 1977's Voyager Golden Record, we cannot wait to hear more. 

Joywave - PossessionJoywave - Possession

Adam Lambert - Velvet

(March 20)

Splitting his time between performing with Queen and recording solo material, Adam Lambert's work ethic is one to be admired; his voice even more so. We know Velvet probably won't be a groundbreaking record for the star, but we know we are going to be vibing with every slinky track here. The soul in songs like Superpower and Roses with Nile Rodgers is infectious!

Adam Lambert - VelvetAdam Lambert - Velvet

Conan Gray - Kid Krow

(March 20)

Conan Gray has a very good chance of ascending from YouTube sensation to arena star with the release of his debut album Kid Krow. This is Gen Z melancholy pop at its finest if singles Maniac and The Story are anything to go by, and while we're not expecting anything iconic, it still sounds like it could be the perfect teen summer record.

Conan Gray - Kid KrowConan Gray - Kid Krow

Pearl Jam - Gigaton 

(March 27)

Pearl Jam return after seven years with their eleventh studio album Gigatron. Singles Dance of the Clairvoyants and Superblood Wolfmoon feel somewhat experimental compared with their last album Lightning Bolt, and we are genuinely intrigued to hear what comes next from Eddie Vedder and co.

Pearl Jam - GigatonPearl Jam - Gigaton

The Chats - High Risk Behaviour

(March 27)

Being relevent and staying true to a genre you love is hard, but we have high hopes for Australian punk band The Chats. Their debut album High Risk Behaviour promises a real, raw punk sound with lyrical themes that keep it very much in the now. It just proves that when things go wrong in the political climate, the kids turn to anarchy.

The Chats - High Risk BehaviourThe Chats - High Risk Behaviour