Review of Sunny Single by Boogie Pimps

Boogie Pimps

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Boogie Pimps - Sunny - Single Review

Boogie Pimps


So my friends the time has come for trashy euro tracks to fill up the summer chart and looks like ‘Sunny’ is going to kick us off…

‘Sunny’ does exactly what it says on the tin; it’s fun and it’s sunny, but pretty much nothing else. Despite being a Boney M cover, the track now has a Bananarama like vocal and that unmistakable ‘Boogie Pimps’ sound is accompanied by a bizarre rap which screams 2-Unlimited.

Boogie Pimps – Sunny - Single Review

‘Sunny’ is a disappointing follow-up to the outfit’s first hit ‘Somebody to Love’, but make no mistake ‘Sunny’ will be a hit…right where it hurts! I can see it now; sunburnt beauties with fat legs and mini-skirts balling ‘Sunny’ at the top of the voices…roll on summer…


Jemma Volp-Fletcher