Jay-Z wants to duet with Bono.

The rap star is a friend of the U2 singer and says he would love to turn their personal relationship into a professional one.

He said: "Bono would be a great person to work with. I think he's cool He's good!

"He does so many things. He's had longevity, he's made classic albums, he's still relevant right now and he does so much for the world. He's a complete human being,"

In addition to Bono, Jay-Z - real name Shawn Carter - has also set his sights on working with Jack White.

The '99 Problems' star admits he would love the chance to collaborate with the White Stripes rocker - who also performs with The Raconteurs and Dead Weather -after being impressed by his skills.

He added to website MusicOMH.com: "I saw The Dead Weather play. I think he's brilliant. I think he's a genius."