Bono says the future of live shows will be ''very different for a while'' amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The U2 frontman admitted he doesn't know exactly how live performances will be affected by the global health crisis but suggested drive-in shows could be the way forward.

Speaking to Ryan Tubridy on Ireland's RTE Radio 1, he said: ''I think it will be very different for a while. I heard discussion of sort of drive-in type shows. Outside the stadiums, you have these big [parking lots] -- so setting up drive-ins, where you have bands playing live from their rehearsal rooms.''

However, he revealed he is relieved that U2 got to finish their tour before lockdown kicked in and said the band are enjoying a well-deserved rest.

He explained: ''We haven't learned to phone in our shows. They're full-tilt for us.''

And Bono also revealed that the coronavirus lockdown has made him want to spend more time with his wife Ali and their children.

He explained: ''I'd like to spend time more time with my kids, they're incredible. Yeah, I want to be around and see Ali more and maybe in that sense being locked down has worked out great for us. I mean, we still like each other and want to be in each other's company. And though I can see the younger ones want to get out and meet their mates more, but as regards my own sort of personal pilgrimage, I'm still on it and I haven't come up with all the answers I'd like. ''