U2 rocker Bono loves his trilby hat so much he's paid a whopping $1,500 (GBP1,000) to have it flown to Italy.

The absent-minded ONE singer was panic-stricken when he discovered he had left his prized headgear behind in London after arriving in Modena for opera star Luciano Pavarotti's charity concert last night (27MAY03) - and immediately arranged for it to be ferried to him.

Money was no object for the Irishman, who arranged for a $150 (GBP100) taxi journey to GATWICK airport, before the trilby was placed in the cockpit of a BRITISH AIRWAYS flight, costing $663 (GBP442) - so it wouldn't get squashed by any other passengers.

The final leg of the journey cost Bono another $225 (GBP150) in taxi fares - but he was relieved to receive the hat hours before the concert, which also featured Liza Minnelli and Eric Clapton.

A source explains, "Including $300 (GBP200) insurance and tips, he spent about $1,500 (GBP1,000) flying it out - but that's nothing compared to the amount he'll have raised on the night.

"It was tricky telling the drivers and British Airways what he was after, but it all worked out."

28/05/2003 13:38