Bono ended his friendship with late singer Michael Hutchence because of his drug use.

The U2 star has reflected on his decision to cut ties with the Inxs frontman before his tragic death in 1997, as Michael and his partner Paula Yates - who died three years later - "spiralled down the vortex of a recreational drug use that had become hard work for everyone, especially their family, especially the younger ones".

In an excerpt from his book 'Surrender: 40 Songs, One Story' shared by Apple News, he said: "As their behaviour changed, our friendship became strained and we grew uncomfortable during their visits."

Bono and his wife Ali Hewson were close to Michael and Paula in the early 1990s, but the latter's drug use caused their friendship to become strained.

When the couple welcomed daughter Tiger Lily, now 26, into the world, they asked Bono and Ali to be her godparents, but they refused because they were "so wigged out" by their lifestyle, and it ended their friendship.

Michael was found dead in November 1997 with the coroner ruling the 37-year-old musician has taken his own life while suffering with depression and under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Three years later, Paula died following a heroin overdose.

In his book, Bono added: "Neither of us dreamed they'd both end up dead so soon. Even now, I can't believe I've just written that."

Following Michael's death, U2 recorded 'Stuck In A Moment' as a tribute to the late singer, and Bono previously revealed he wishes the singer had been able to recognise his own talents.

In a 2019 documentary reflecting on the INXS star's life, Bono said: "It really bothers me that he didn’t really understand how great a voice he had, it had this fragility underneath the bravado. I remember asking Michael what his definition of rock’n’roll was, he said 'liberation.' "