Bono cried when he went to a Leonard Cohen show.

The U2 frontman found himself in tears when he watched the 75-year-old folk singer in Monte Carlo because he was amazed by his talent.

Bono, 49, said: "I had an epiphany last year. I went to see Leonard Cohen in Monte Carlo. At one point I found myself with tears running down my face. I realised that all my favourite songs he wrote in his 50s and 60s. To me, that was a throw down."

After having his creative fires lit by the 'Hallelujah' songwriter, Bono is desperate to start working on U2's next album, rumoured to be entitled 'Songs Of Ascent'.

He added to Q magazine: "We've been listening to material for 'Songs Of Ascent'. We haven't fully decided to press 'go' on that. But we're touring at the end of May and it'd be nice to have some new songs."