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Bonnie Hunt Was 'Flattered' To Get The Chance To Reprise Her Zootopia Role

Bonnie Hunt was "flattered" to get the chance to reprise her Zootopia role.The 61-year-old actress voiced the minor character of rabbit Bonnie Hopps - the mother of lead character Judy Hopps - in the 2016...

Gabrielle Union Felt That Diversity Was 'Really Important To Explore' In The Cheaper By The Dozen Remake

Gabrielle Union felt that diversity was "really important to explore" in the 'Cheaper by the Dozen' remake.The 49-year-old actress takes on the role of a matriarch of a 12-child family in the Disney remake of...

Zach Braff To To Star In Cheaper By The Dozen Remake

Zach Braff is to star in the 'Cheaper by the Dozen' remake.The 45-year-old actor is attached to star with Gabrielle Union in a reimagining of the comedy flick for Disney+.The plot centres on a multiracial,...

Sony Planning Jumanji Reboot

Sony Pictures are planning a 'Jumanji' reboot. Doug Belgrad, president of Columbia Pictures - which is owned by Sony - revealed the production company are going to ''try'' and reboot the 1995 fantasy adventure movie,...

Bethenny Frankel Recieves Own Talk Show

Reality star Bethenny Frankel has some lofty ambitions it seems, as the former Real Housewives of Orange County star has announced that she wants her own talk show that will go out to a national...

Stars Turn Out To Honour Reiner

George Clooney and Bonnie Hunt heaped praise on acting legend Carl Reiner on Thursday (13Oct11) as he was feted in Hollywood with a lifetime achievement award.The 89 year old was the guest of honour at...

Eddie Izzard Lands Cars Role

Eddie Izzard is to voice a character in 'Cars 2'.The British actor will provide the voice of Miles Axelrod, an oil tycoon-turned-environmentalist who sold off his billions, converted himself into an electric vehicle and is...

Hunt Stages Jerry Maguire Reunion

Actress-turned-TV personality BONNIE HUNT staged a mini JERRY MAGUIRE reunion on her chat show on Thursday (09Apr09) when she surprised co-star REGINA KING with a special guest. As the Ray star was trying to recall the...

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