Bone Thugs-N-Harmony star Flesh-n-bone has vowed to get his marriage back on track after a heated argument with his wife last year (11) led to a criminal conviction.
The rapper was arrested last January (11) after a dispute with his partner allegedly turned nasty and he was charged with inflicting corporal injury on a spouse, making threats and false imprisonment.
He protested his innocence, but struck a deal with prosecutors last month (Dec11) and pleaded guilty to one count of false imprisonment to avoid jail time.
Flesh-N-Bone - real name Stanley Howse - has now spoken out about his troubled relationship, insisting he is doing everything he can to "prove" himself to his wife and fix their marriage.
He tells, "She and I both know that I never hit her. It was just bad argument. I am very upset that this whole situation turned this messy...
"I have to prove myself to her now and won't have any more heated arguments. I love my wife and (I'm) going to try and put everything in my power to make it right."