The guitarist and Lund were sued for $5,000 (£3,125) and $6,775 (£4,234) respectively in July (15) by two unidentified workers at their clothing line, Nikki Rich, who claimed they were not paid their full wages.

Sambora and Lund both failed to appear at a small claims court in the U.S. to defend their case, so a judge issued default decisions in favour of the employees, ordering the former couple to pay just short of $10,000, according to

It is not clear how the sum will be divided between the two workers.

Nikki Rich is at the centre of another lawsuit - Sambora is suing Lund for extortion, defamation and illegally recording a phone call after she went public with claims he allegedly threatened her in April (15).

He has accused his business partner and former lover of extorting more than $150 million (£100 million) from him and then heavily editing a phone call to frame him for the offence.