Bon Jovi made over $205m (£125m) collectively over the last twelve months of being on tour; an impressive amount by all means, ensuring they finish 2013 as the highest grossing touring group of the year. Since January, the band have performed 90 sets to over two million fans, according to Billboard's yearly rankings, with each show a sell-out, making them easy victors in this year's rankings.

Bon Jovi
Bon Jovi performed to millions of people across the globe and made millions back in return

The Michael Jackson-inspired 'Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour' by Cirque Du Soleil came in second and despite not scoring a single sell-out performance, they contortionists still managed to bring in $157m Third and fourth place was decided by a few (hundred) thousand, with Pink edging out Bruce Springsteen for the No. 3 spot. Her 114 shows in 2013, 111 of which sold out, earned the singer $147.9m as she performed to over 1.5 million people across the globe. Springsteen saw his 53 tours sell out in 36 locations, with over 1.3 million people paying a combined $147.6m to see The Boss.

Closing up the top five is Rihanna, whose globe-covering tour has earned $137.9m over the last twelve months as she performed to over 1.5 million people across the globe. The Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Depeche Mode and Kenny Chesney make up the rest of the top ten, with the full list available on the Billboard website.

Rihanna's globe-trotting has been well documented by the singer's use of social media

The success of Bon Jovi's touring comes despite there being infighting within the group, which eventually led to long-time guitarist Richie Sambora's dismissal from the group over wage concerns in August. Sambora has since said that he left the group to care for his family, in particular his ailing mother, with speculation arising over the prospect of the guitarist returning to the band at some point. At the moment, Sambora's involvement in the band is still unknown.

Jon Bon Jovi
At least Jon Bon Jovi has made plenty of money this year