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Bon Jovi
Have a Nice Day
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Bon Jovi Have a Nice Day Album

Mr Goldilocks himself is back with the gang to release this possibly their billionth album. Ok maybe not, bounce released in 2002 was the band's 8th album so if my research was right then this is their 9th or 10th album. I'm not a bon jovi fan but my sister is, I remember sharing a bedroom with her and a huge Jon Bon Jovi poster when I was about 12. This is typical bon jovi with their soft rock ballads, however their big hair is no more.

This is a safe album from the band, its not new sounding, no new riffs or chord sequences. For die-hard bon jovi fans then this is without a doubt a necessity for their collection. However for those of us who are not, I would recommend listening to their earlier material to appreciate some great tunes like the classic 'livin on a prayer'. The only thing I thought when I read the album title was bon jovi were now doing cover versions of the stereophonics, but then I heard the song and realised I was just being naive. Best track on the album for me is last cigarette, the remaining 13 are all similar sounding, there are no bad tracks on the album, however I think this album is purely for the fans, but to be fair with the number of fans the band have there is no need to produce an album to cater for everyone. This album is listenable, a must for all fans.

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