Review of Welcome To Wherever You Are Single by Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi
"Welcome To Wherever You Are"

Bon Jovi Welcome To Wherever You Are Single

Credit where it's due, to last 20 years in the music business you've got to consistently make music that many people enjoy. Since debuting with "7800 Degrees Fahrenheit" in 1985 they've released ten more albums, including last year's "Have A Nice Day", which peaked in the UK album chart a place shy of the top spot. The Jersey quartet have also been bestowed the honour of being the first band to play at the new Wembley Stadium, as part of their world tour in the summer.

Sharing its name with INXS' 1992 album, Bon Jovi's latest single is a mid-tempo blend of acoustic verses and massive pompous chorus designed to encourage arm swaying. The lyrics are painfully clichéd and predictable, pointing toward a band that are going through the motions and lacking in new ideas. It's safe to say that this won't stand the test of time along with "Always" and "Living On A Prayer".

Alex Lai