Review of Carry Me Single by Bombay Bicycle Club

Having been releasing albums every year since 2009, Bombay Bicycle Club have left fans somewhat surprised by the significantly longer wait for their fourth album, 'So Long, See You Tomorrow'. Nonetheless, the first single from it, 'Carry Me', has proved to be worth the wait.

Bombay Bicycle Club Carry Me Single

The London quartet continues with their slightly chaotic, tinny synth tones that are prominent in many of their songs in 'Carry Me', with the contrast of a heavy, drum-led rhythm that almost reminds one of a military parade - a feeling made more resonant by the rigid, uniform style of drumming that the band take up in the video. While combining order with disorder, there's something jarringly unpleasant about it; a feeling of restlessness which poses another contrast against the drawn out, haunting but tranquil, echoed vocals. 

Considering there's so little in the way of lyrics, it's still a good four-and-a-half minutes long. It feels like a lot of time has gone into its structure, with the tune rising and falling at appropriate moments and the catchiest hooks being repeated intermittently for maximum listening retention. It doesn't necessarily go on too long, but as an engaged listener it does start to feel a little as though it's been stretched out longer than necessary. Nonetheless, an enjoyable listen from a band who, after eight years of making great music, clearly understand their strengths as musicians.


Holly Williams

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