Review of Boe Weaver Album by Boe Weaver

Boe Weaver are yet another band to release a self titled album, but nowadays it seems the in thing to do. It is like an unwritten rule, thou shall have a self titled album in one's discography.

Boe Weaver Boe Weaver Album

It was a hard task picking out the highlights and the lowlights on this album as Boe Weaver pack 9 tracks onto this twenty-six minute instrumental album. One of the easier to pick out and more individual tracks is titled 'Ghouls' it has a brilliant and interesting sound filled with hooky guitar riffs and heavy smashing drums. This is a great psychedelic track but had the band found the right vocalist/lyricsist it could be an amazing rock and roll single. Sadly, 'Ghouls' is the perfect instance of what else is to come; you can't help but imagine these songs with additional vocals. Now the task in hand is to look, well listen, to this album in its own purity and not to be judgmental because it has no lyrics to it.

'Mysterious Island' has a bit of life to it; you can imagine this being blasted out while someone like Evel Knievel prepares for a life threatening stunt. 'Let It Die' and 'Monster Maker' are jamming tracks, but good ones at that, the guitar riffs and the chords being played are fantastic but once again there is a thought that enters the back of your mind and we all know what that is...

As good as this album sounds the reality is that it is not going to sell millions of copies. There's not a great deal of radio friendly songs but at the same time at least Boe Weaver have stuck to their morals which you do have to admire.


Mark Moore

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