Review of Two In One Album by Bodi Bill

Berlin based electro rockers, Bodi Bill, release their UK debut album 'Two In One' on German label Sinnubus Records. Berlin is certainly a hotspot for dance music and minimal techno. Post rock bands have travelled there for the freedom and creativity that Berlin provides. Indeed Bodi Bill display some sophisticated layers of sounds with an obvious love that understands modern sounds.

Bodi Bill Two In One Album

It's new to hear melodic vocals, headed by Fabian Fenk, with electro and Bodi Bill certainly stick to this vision on 'Two In One'. There are purely musical tracks like 'Be Home Before Dinner' and 'Schattenspiele Remix' that certainly display heavyweight musical production and some really nice sounds like on 'One Or Two More Ghost'. The vocals are projected with serenity and heart warming intensity. Interesting stuff.

Bodi Bill certainly show they are fans of the Berlin scene and have made an album that brings pop based melodies with an edgy electro feel. So it does literally bring 'Two In One' together and I respect them for trying this and there are moments that are really good. I certainly like the instrumental tunes, the tracks with lyrics / vocals don't quite live up to the standards of the others.

Fenk's voice is cool and I'm sure many could get behind this. For me it's a bit too 'uber' or not dangerous enough to really stand out. It's not an album you can rave to or particularly chill to it but I'm sure there are more things to come from this outfit. Not bad effort at all.

Tareck Ghoneim

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