High-profile interviews often require lots of preparation, pre-approved questions, editing, etc. So when six-time Winter Olympic skiing medalist Bode Miller broke down on camera, after a series of personal questions, the media storm was guaranteed. Miller was doing an interview with NBC’s Christine Cooper about his Olympic success, when the conversation turned to his late brother. After being asked several questions along that line, the athlete was visibly upset. This prompted some folks on Twitter to lash out against Cooper for pressing on with the interview despite Miller’s obvious discomfort.

Bode Miller, Barnstable Brown Gala
Fans have rallied in support of Miller and against Christine Cooper.

In a display of unusual familiarity, Cooper actually put her arm on Miller to comfort him during this "interview," something that obliterates whatever alleged boundaries exist between the Olympic athletes and these sports-centric experts hired to offer insight. After the twitter storm has already started brewing, Miller himself stepped in to call off his angry supporters, tweeting several messages in defense of his interviewer.

The criticism, directed at Cooper since the clip was released has been so intense, that NBC edited the video edited for broadcast several hours after it occurred. The incident added new fuel to the ongoing debate about privacy - how personal is too personal when it comes to the lives of people in the public eye?