Soul legend Bobby Womack's singer daughter GinaRe has turned her back on her music career to make a documentary about her father.
The Countdown singer has been on the road with her dad for the past year after he bought her a top-of-the-range video camera for her birthday - and now he insists she joins him on tour as part of his contract.
And he's very impressed with what she has captured so far: "She would take me talking and joking with people, sitting in church.
"She did a guy that had followed me around and Rod Stewart told me, 'This guy is your biggest fan - when you played London for four days, he bought up all the tables, so he wouldn't have people around him. That man is serious'. So we just sat down with him for this."
And the aspiring filmmaker admits the documentary has given her a new perspective on her father.
GinaRe tells WENN, "I convinced him to let me shoot a documentary because I just thought there were so many experiences that I had on my own that the whole world should be a part of - through his music and the things that he does for people, from his everyday life to what he's doing internationally.
"I've been following him on tour and in the studio and I'll probably start editing the footage in early 2012. I've got so much stuff, like when my brothers were born to when some of his close friends died and he was going to their funerals. His story is so unique. There is a lot of intimate raw footage... and I've got stuff that people have never seen... I've got archive footage dating all the way back to the '70s.
"I've got stories that people haven't even heard. My father is a great storyteller and he remembers everything so vividly. He puts you there."
And GinaRe insists the most captivating footage she has captured was her father's rebirth as a songwriter through his work with Damon Albarn's cult band Gorillaz in 2010.
She explains, "There was a point in my dad's life when he didn't even want to write and make music. When I was younger he would, like, drink his tequila and play his guitar and think of new songs 24 hours a day, and then there came a point when he quit everything... He'd just watch TV and be in bed by 10pm every night; he had no passion for the music anymore.
"At some point, just before he went on tour with Gorillaz, he started living again and that transition to me was, like, crazy... That's something worth watching."
The documentary will also chronicle Womack's drug battles and the tragedies surrounding the death of his brother Harry, mentor Sam Cooke and his infant son Truth in the late 1970s.
GinaRe will complete the live footage of her father by filming his upcoming headlining slot at the Sunset Junction festival in Los Angeles - his first concert in his adopted city for six years.