PRIMAL SCREAM singer Bobby Gillespie launched into a tirade against the audience at Sunday (24AUG03)'s Carling Weekend festival in Reading, England - branding them "slaves" and "f***ing spectators".

The HIGHER THAN THE SUN band had bottles thrown at them by SUM 41 fans at the Leeds venue of the event on Friday (22AUG03) - and so were in a spirited mood when they played to the different crowd last night.

Bassist MANI aggravated the audience at the rock event by taunting them to throw bottles - before Gillespie made his shocking outburst.

He said, "You are a bunch of slaves. You're all just f***ing spectators. You're only here to see Metallica and more sh**e bands."

But Mani told British music website NME.COM afterwards, "I was just trying to wind them (the crowd) up, calling them a bunch of scruffy b**tards. I wanted them to throw more bottles! A rock crowd like that kind of behaviour."

25/08/2003 01:32