Bobbi Kristina was planning to have children before she fell ill.

The 22-year-old daughter of Whitney Houston was preparing for her wedding to partner Nick Gordon, before he found her collapsed in a bath at their home. Now the star's cousin, Jerod Brown, has revealed that her ''mission in life'' was to have a baby of her own.

Jerod, 27, said: ''Bobbi's ultimate mission in life was to have a family. She always wanted to have kids and she was planning a wedding. She was hoping it would happen around her mother's birthday this August.

''It would have been so special for her. And her mom would have been at her side, if only in spirit.''

Meanwhie, the tragic circumstances surrounding Bobbi's illness - as she lies in a hospice and has been taken off medication - are still unclear.

Although the famiy are trying to remain civil, her partner Nick is still not welcome by her side.

Jerod said: ''Nick is being investigated but he isn't the only one. All I will say is we want to find out.

''(Bobbi) would always tell me I could trust him. The day after I last spoke to Bobbi, I called her but he answered her phone and said he would get her to call me back. But she didn't.''

He told the Sunday Mirror: ''It can get emotional with everything going on. Everyone is supporting each other