Bobbi Kristina Brown's family have been singing Whitney Houston songs at her bedside.

The 21-year-old aspiring singer - the daughter of the late star and Bobby Brown - is ''fighting for her life'' after being found ''unresponsive'' in a bathtub at her home near Atlanta, Georgia last Saturday (31.01.15), and her family hope hearing some of her mother's biggest hits will help her recover.

A family source said: ''If she's in there somewhere, we want her to hear us. So we'll talk about good times with family, funny stories about when she was a baby. We'll sing songs - 'Jesus Loves Me', 'Amazing Grace', but also some of Whitney's songs. We've been singing 'Greatest Love of All'. Bobby has sung that to her too. He stands over her and touches her hair and calls her 'baby girl.' ''

The 46-year-old R&B star is praying for a miracle amid speculation doctors have urged him to remove his daughter's ventilator.

The insider told PEOPLE magazine: ''Bobby is the one who will make the decisions. But Bobby has told us, 'If America thinks she is dead, they will stop praying.' And at this point, we want people to pray for a miracle.

''Losing Whitney was hard, but this is a million times worse. To lose Krissi the same way would devastate him.''

Another insider believes Bobbi - who has found by her 'husband' Nick Gordon - ''hasn't been the same since Whitney died'' in 2012.

The source explained: ''She's been vacillating between extremes for a while now and is fighting grief and demons of her own creation. The loss of her mom and her intense craving for attention are just the tip of her mountain of issues.

''She misses her mother a lot. She hasn't been the same since Whitney died.''