Bobbi Kristina Brown is currently in a hospice and her days are reportedly numbered. Media and public interest remains high and one of her distant relatives is reportedly attempting to cash in on the media speculation by hawking a photograph of Bobbi on her ‘death-bed’.

Nick Gordon and Bobbi KristinaBobbi Kristina Brown photographed with her boyfriend Nick Gordon in 2012.

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The image purportedly shows a woman leaning over Bobbi, who is unconscious, in her hospital bed. It is not certain who took the photograph but it is thought to be a distant relative who visited Bobbi earlier this week.

TMZ first reported the news after it was offered to them by an unknown seller but they decided against purchasing such a ghoulish photograph. According to the entertainment website, other publications and websites have expressed interest. 

The daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, Bobbi has been hospitalised since January of this year. She was discovered unconscious and unresponsive in a bathtub at the Atlanta home she shared with her long-term boyfriend Nick Gordon. The tragic incident immediately attracted attention as her mother was found dead in similar circumstances in 2012. 

Bobbi was in a number of hospitals in Georgia and various attempts to bring her out of a medical coma failed. Sources, speaking to a number of media outlets last month, claimed her family were preparing to say goodbye and she was moved to a hospice last week. 

Bobbi’s family and friends have been visiting her in hospital to say goodbye, according to the NY Daily News. Sadly, it appears a member of her own family is willing to make a quick buck by disregarding Bobbi and the rest of her family’s privacy in their darkest hour. 

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