While Bobby Kristina Brown continues to fight for her life, her husband Nick Gordon may be under suspicion, according to some very severe accusations made by his wife's sister, Leolah. According to People magazine, Leolah has issued an open letter, addressed at Doctor Phil, in which she requests that the talk show host deny Gordon the platform to "spin this situation to his benefit."

Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina Brown
Leolah Brown suggests that Brown and Gordon's marital bliss may have been a front for something else.

Gordon was the one to discover Bobbi Kristina found Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston's daughter facedown and unresponsive in their Atlanta, Ga., bathtub in late January. Since then, Gordon has issued several Twitter rants against the R&B singer and his family. He also hasn't visited has not visited his wife's bedside at Emory University Hospital in weeks. Last month, Brown's lawyer released a statement to Us Weekly claiming that Gordon isn't explaining what happened to Bobbi Kristina.

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According to TMZ, Gordon has also checked into rehab for his drug addiction after his Dr. Phil appearance. 

Leolah outlined the reasons behind her suspicions in the lengthy Facebook post: "If Nick Gordon does not have the courage to speak with my brother Bobby Brown and/or law enforcement about what happened the day my niece's body was found in a bathtub, he does not deserve to have a platform to speak to anyone of your caliber until this investigation is concluded. Respectfully, Leolah Brown."