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Bob Sinclar
Western Dream
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Bob Sinclar Western Dream Album

There is always a song that you love and never really know who sang it. Well this summer the song is Love Generation and the artist is Bob Sinclar. The thing is now you have finally found out who it is, you want to hear more music by this artist. That's where his new album Western Dream comes in.

Now the opening track to the album is Love Generation, which is a brilliant feel good summer track. My only gripe is when people put a remix of the same song on the album. That's what you do when you release these tracks as singles not albums. Can you believe that this track lasts for just under nine minutes, the thing is the majority of the other tracks last around the same amount of time and with 12 songs worth this is one long album. For the odd track this is fine, but when you are hearing the same sampler in the background over and over and over and over an over and over and over and over again, one it gets repetitive and two your head is banging!

World, Hold On is across between reggae and dance that you find yourself whistling to! He carries on the feel good factor and shares it with the rest of us through his music; this is continued with In The Name Of Love. This has a de la soul feel to it mixed with adult choirs and children choirs singing in the background to pull off the song and make a masterpiece. Later on in the album you reach Sing My Song where it sounds like he is preaching to you to sing his song, and using it to chat up a girl. Whatever works hey! A Change of direction is introduced with Amora, Amor that has guest vocals to it and a more Brazilian feel to it. It's not bad, but it did just pass me by. Not everything is good for this album For You seems to of landed on the wrong album. It's not that it is a bad track cause it is quite good. It is just that this song belongs on a White Rose Movement album not this one. The album finishes off (not counting the remix) with a real slow number Give A Lil' Love, which is Bob Sinclar on vocals and an acoustic guitar. A nice way to finish the album off with a more relaxed chilled out song.

The last track is the remix, which I have not even entertained, as once said these versions belong on a single not an album. Apart from that hic up Bob Sinclar is something different, fun and feel good, if that is what you're looking for then look no further.

Mark Moore

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