Bob Marley's live performance was a huge disappointment, Nick Hornby has claimed.

The 'High Fidelity' author admitted he can barely remember seeing the reggae legend on stage, but tries not to admit that, or how let down he remembers feeling by the show.

He told Middle 8 magazine: ''If one of these experiences ever comes up in a conversation with a young person, the young person will say something like, 'Wow. That must have been awesome.'

''And at that moment, you rewrite your story, and start to talk about the gig you'd like to have seen, the gig you should have seen ... You can't disappoint the kid.

''You can't tell him that you had the worst seats in the house. You can't tell him that the sound was s**t, or you were splitting up with the girl you went with and you spent the night arguing, or you needed the toilet all the way through ... And you certainly can't ever say that you've forgotten the whole f***ing thing.''

Nick also dismissed a review from the show which seemingly recalled a mass singalong of hit 'One Love' - despite the track missing from recordings of the gig.

He said: ''Isn't that beautiful? Don't you wish you'd been there? Let's forget, for a moment, that the definitive version of 'One Love' is only to be found on an album that wouldn't be released for another year; let's forget, too, that the bootlegs of the show you can find online do not seem to contain the song.''