Bob Marley's half-brother has filed a countersuit against the late star's family after they launched a legal battle to stop him allegedly cashing in on the music legend's name without permission.
Marley's widow Rita and her children recently filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Richard Booker, who has the same mother as Marley, claiming he has been using his connection to the late singer to promote concerts and products under his Mama Marley banner.
Booker has now filed his own suit against the company which controls the star's estate, 56 Hope Road Music, alleging he is using the One Love singer's name and likeness with the "consent, authorisation and by the instruction" of his half-brother and their mum, Cedella, according to
Booker wants to be given the go-head to continue using the Marley name and he is demanding the family's legal challenge be dismissed.