Bob Marley's descendants are keeping his legacy alive with a line of eco-friendly products baring the reggae legend's name.
Marley's children have banded together to form Marley & Co., a licensing empire that is branding environmentally-conscious products, including coffee, clothing, sporting goods and electronics.
The items include a pair of in-ear headphones, slated to launch at Thursday's (06Jan11) Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, which will be made from reusable materials including hemp, soy beans and aluminium, instead of plastic.
Marley & Co. executives have also ordered licensees for new apparel lines to avoid the use of synthetic materials, and a new "relaxation drink" called Marley Mellow Moods uses all-natural ingredients.
The family is also "creating a sustainable farm system" in Jamaica to grow environmentally-friendly coffee.
The legend's eldest son, Rohan, insists his dad would have backed the brands baring his name if he was still alive today.
He tells the New York Post, "We didn't come to be brand slappers. We have to build it from the start and be part of the creation - it has to reflect who we are as a family."