Reggae legend Bob Marley may be well-known for his numerous extra-marital relationships that produced at least six children, but his widow Rita Marley claims that wasn't the worst of their difficult marriage.

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In a shocking new revelation, Rita alleges that her 'No Woman, No Cry' singer husband raped her in their bedroom during his rise to fame. 'Bob wouldn't take no for an answer.', she claims. 'He said to me, 'No, you're my wife and you're supposed to.' So he forced himself on me, and I call that rape.' The news may come as a shock to many Marley fans, who were enamoured by the message of peace, love and faith that he often spread throughout his career. 'Afterwards I felt so terrible, I screamed at him, 'I hate you, I hate you', she added.

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Others may be less shocked, Marley's personal life being full of strings of other women in spite of his wife whom he married in 1966 and had three children. Nonetheless, Rita insists that their relationship was a happy one before his international recognition, and thus he became seduced by the glamour of showbiz and never-ending floods of women that came with it.

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'He was corrupted by showbusiness, by the girls who would throw themselves at him', says Rita. 'This is what I've come to understand.' However, she still holds fond memories of the man she was married to for 15 years: 'Just because he did these things and cheated on me doesn't mean he was a bad husband. He always provided for me, always gave me what I wanted.'