Late British actor Bob Hoskins once ruined an entire day of shooting for a historical epic by failing to remove his sunglasses.

The veteran actor starred in the 1979 movie Zulu Dawn alongside fellow Brit actor Phil Daniels, who has recalled the tortuous days of filming.

According to Daniels, the Who Framed Roger Rabbit star wrecked a complicated shoot for the movie, which is set in 1879, by forgetting to take off his designer shades while he was in shot.

Daniels tells Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, "One of the biggest scenes in the whole film was the crossing of Rorke's Drift. There were all these carriages and Redcoats and hundreds of Zulus involved. It took them all day to set it up, with different cameras everywhere. But then, when someone looked at the rushes of the day's main shots, they saw that Hoskins had a pair of sunglasses on - they had to shoot the whole thing again."

Hoskins died from pneumonia on Tuesday (29Apr14) aged 71.