Irish rocker SIR Bob Geldof has accused his former contemporaries The Clash of being a s**t band who faked their punk image.

The ex-BOOMTOWN RATS star is still bitter the SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO hitmakers came to epitomise the serious punk revolution in late 1970s Britain, while his band were marginalised.

Geldof rages, "The Clash had outfits designed for them. But somehow they were supposed to have more integrity? Why? This ersatz passion was just b**locks.

"I didn't like their records until LONDON CALLING (1979 album). I said 99 per cent of the music is s**t and I was right. It hasn't survived.

"All that 'Hey right! The revolution!' tripe drove me mad! F**k off, you c**t. Joe (STRUMMER) and MICK (JONES) wanted to be MICK (JAGGER) and Keith (RICHARDS)!

"Plain as f**king day! Yet we were frozen out."

04/03/2005 02:16