Bob Geldof didn't understand the ambition behind the 'One World: Together At Home' concert.

The high-profile music event was created by Lady GaGa, in support of the World Health Organization, amid the coronavirus pandemic, but Geldof has questioned the purpose of the event and admitted he didn't even bother to watch all of it.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4's 'Today' show, he shared: ''I wasn't interested. Well done her and everybody for doing it, but I don't understand the purpose.

''You know, the pseudo-intimacy of Zoom - there's no need for us to be Zooming this, it's just as good on the phone.

''The snatches I saw, there was no emotional response from me - Gaga was correct to try and do it. She's an artist, she felt a responsibility, she got the others to come to the party.

''And then there had to be a political agenda behind it, which would achieve ... what? What was it they wanted?''

Meanwhile, Geldof has admitted to enjoying his time off during the lockdown, saying ''every day's a Sunday'' at the moment.

Reflecting on his lockdown experience, he shared: ''The enforced interludes, the guilt-free inactivity, means every day's a Sunday.

''The night before last we put up a screen outside and made cocktails and wines and made popcorn and watched 'Godfather I' and 'II' into the wee wee hours.

''I'm well aware that I'm not on the twelfth floor in a two bedroom flat, nor do I forget that so I go on a 58-mile round journey.''