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21st October 2016

Fact: Bob Dylan has removed the mention of his Nobel Prize win from his official website, just a day after acknowledging the award. The veteran folk rocker became the first songwriter to land the Nobel Prize for Literature last week (ends14Oct16), and on Thursday (20Oct16), he updated his site to read, ''WINNER OF THE NOBEL PRIZE IN LITERATURE", in a piece promoting a book of his lyrics. However, the note has since been deleted. Dylan has still yet to comment on his win.

16th October 2016

Fact: The Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery has announced it will install a portrait of Bob Dylan in celebration of the musician being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. The portrait is a photograph taken by John Cohen in 1962, and will be on display in the Washington D.C. museum's Celebrate exhibition from Monday (17Oct16).

23rd May 2015

Fact: Former Pink Floyd star Roger Waters will help Newport Folk Festival officials celebrate the 50th anniversary of Bob Dylan's controversial electric guitar performance when he makes his first appearance at the Rhode Island event this summer (Jul15). Waters joins a bill that also features Sufjan Stevens, J Mascis and Iron & Wine. This year's Newport Folk Festival will mark the 50th anniversary of a 1965 protest, sparked by Dylan's first electric guitar performance. At the time, many fans were appalled by the folk legend's decision not to play acoustically, with many booing him and turning their back on his performance.

17th May 2015

Fact: Bob Dylan will make a rare late-night chat show appearance next week (19May15) when he performs on pal David Letterman's penultimate The Late Show. Dylan will be retiring Letterman's musical guest on his second-to-last The Late Show. Funnyman Bill Murray, who was the TV host's first Late Show guest in 1993, will be Letterman's celebrity guest on the programme. Dylan hasn't performed on the show since the early 1990s.

1st April 2015

Fact: Oscar nominee Ethan Hawke showed off his impersonation of Bob Dylan during an appearance on America's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday (31Mar15) when he gamely performed gravelly-voiced versions of lullabies Rock-a-Bye Baby and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star with host Jimmy Fallon while strumming a guitar. The stars, who both have young children, claimed "there’s scientific research" that singing in the style of the folk rocker helps to send kids to sleep.

2nd February 2015

Quote: "I think first of all he'd be amazed I did these songs with a five-piece band. I think he'd be proud in a certain way." Bob Dylan is convinced the late Frank Sinatra would like his new album, Shadows in the Night, which features the folk-rock icon's versions of Ol' Blue Eyes' hits.

9th December 2014

Fact: A collection of rare Bob Dylan recordings are reportedly set for a special limited release this Christmas (14). Sony Music executives are allegedly preparing a box set of nine albums full of tracks dating back to 1964, which will include collaborations with folk singer Eric Von Schmidt, the first take of It Ain't Me Babe, and a number of concert tapings. Just 1,000 copies will be made available, according to the New York Times.

21st July 2014

Fact: A hotel dedicated to music icon Bob Dylan has opened in Woodstock, New York.

16th August 2013

Fact: A never-released Bob Dylan tune will feature on the soundtrack of Justin Timberlake's new movie Inside Llewyn Davis. Dylan's forgotten recording of Farewell will appear on the album, produced by T Bone Burnett and writer/directors Joel and Ethan Coen, alongside tracks by Timberlake and Mumford & Sons frontman Marcus Mumford, whose wife Carey Mulligan stars in the film. Dylan recorded Farewell during sessions for his 1964 album The Times They Are A-Changin' but the track was never released.

5th August 2013

Fact: An exhibition of Bob Dylan's paintings is to go on display at the National Portrait Gallery in London. The 12 pastel works will be put on show in the museum from September (13). The music legend is a keen artist and has exhibited his work all over the world. Bob Dylan: Face Value marks his first show at the National Portrait Gallery.

23rd April 2013

Fact: Folk rock icon Bob Dylan has recruited Wilco and My Morning Jacket to hit the road for a summer tour (13). The AmericanaramA Festival of Music will touch down in 26 venues across the U.S., kicking off in Ohio on 1 June (13).

27th November 2012

Fact: Bob Dylan is set to unveil a new collection of silk-screened artworks in New York City. The 30-piece series, entitled Revisionist Art, will go on display at Manhattan's Gagosian Gallery from Wednesday (28Nov12).

12th September 2012

Quote: "If you think you've been called a bad name, try to work your way out from under that. Yeah, and for what? For playing an electric guitar? As if that is in some kind of way equitable to betraying our Lord and delivering him up to be crucified. All those evil motherf**kers can rot in hell." Bob Dylan is still angry and upset about the criticism he received when he performed with an electric guitar for the first time in 1966. One heckler famously yelled 'Judas' when Dylan went electric at the Manchester Free Trade Hall show in England.

2nd August 2012

Quote: "Shakespeare's last play was called The Tempest. It wasn't called just plain Tempest. The name of my record is just plain Tempest. It's two different titles." Bob Dylan plays down reports suggesting his upcoming 35th studio album will be his last.

27th March 2012

Fact: Folk legend Bob Dylan will headline Britain's Hop Farm Festival this summer (12) alongside British rockers Peter Gabriel and Suede. The three-day event, which takes place in Kent, south east England from 29 June to 1 July, will be the three artists' only U.K. festival date this year (12).

4th April 2011

Fact: Bob Dylan's music is set to take centre stage at an academic conference in New York this week (beg04Apr11). The Bob Dylan and the Law event will be presented by Fordham University's law and ethics centre and Touro Law School. A conference on Monday (04Apr11) will be followed by a public panel discussion on Tuesday (05Apr11).

20th January 2011

Fact: Bob Dylan has signed a six-book deal with publishers Simon & Schuster and will release two sequels to his 2004 memoirs Chronicles: Volume One as well as two books based on his XM radio show, Theme Time Radio Hour.

16th December 2010

Quote: "Bob Dylan recognised me in an elevator once. I almost couldn't breathe or speak." Actress-turned-rocker Juliette Lewis was starstruck after meeting the music legend.

22nd June 2010

Fact: Bob Dylan and John Mellencamp are to take over the Las Vegas venue built for Celine Dion for one night only. The two troubadours will perform at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace on 18 August (10).

31st March 2010

Quote: "They've said that since the day I opened my mouth. But I don't know if there's anybody else that you'd rather be compared to." Singer Jakob Dylan doesn't mind comparisons to his rock legend father Bob Dylan.

22nd February 2010

Quote: "I didn't really understand, but then I started getting calls from random people. I am part of a songbook that is deep and long and legendary. I thought, 'This is kind of hot'." Alicia Keys on coming to terms with the fact Bob Dylan namechecked her in his song Thunder on the Mountain.

25th November 2009

Quote: "I don’t listen to rap radio stations and I don’t play rap songs on the jukebox, and I don’t go to rap shows... (but) I love rhyming for rhyming sake. I think that’s an incredible art form." Bob Dylan is an unlikely fan of hip-hop.

21st November 2009

Quote: "All through my 20s I was trying to be a rockstar, but it just evaded me. I'm still trying though." Singer-turned-actress Katey Sagal - who performed back up vocals for Bob Dylan and Gene Simmons - still has rock 'n' roll dreams at age 55.

19th November 2009

Fact: Colombian-born pop star Shakira listened to Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen lyrics to learn English.

10th October 2009

Fact: Veteran crooner Barry Manilow will join Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan and Sting in the race for a festive number one - the singer is releasing a Christmas album. In The Swing of Christmas will feature traditional tunes like Silver Bells, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

16th September 2009

Fact: Nearly 100 artworks from singer Bob Dylan will go on display in a large art exhibition at the National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen in 2010.

11th September 2009

Fact: A life-long Bob Dylan fan paid $4,500 (£2,700) for a harmonica once owned by the folk legend at an auction in Norwich, England on Thursday (10Sep09).

1st September 2009

Fact: Country duo Sugarland will join Bob Dylan and Sting on the musical wish list this Christmas (09) - they will release their first holiday album, Green and Gold, on 6 October (09). The album will include five original songs co-written by band members Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush, as well as classics like Winter Wonderland and Silent Night.

26th August 2009

Fact: Bob Dylan's first Christmas album, scheduled for release in October (09), will be called CHRISTMAS IN THE HEART. The collection will feature holiday standards including Little Drummer Boy and Here Comes Santa Claus. Proceeds from the album will benefit hunger relief organisations.

13th July 2009

Quote: "I'm not saying they don't keep going, but they need Bill (Wyman). Without him, they're a funk band. They'll be the real Rolling Stones when they get Bill back." Bob Dylan urges Mick Jagger and Keith Richards to get bass player Bill Wyman back in the band.

10th June 2009

Quote: "So much has been written about me doing a collaboration with Bob or me doing a collaboration with Ringo and Bob. But that is not happening yet. We're nowhere near. I did say I wanted to work with Bob but that was ages ago and he hasn't been in touch. I can't contact him, (and say), 'Hey Bob, what's happening? Where's the party?'" Sir Paul McCartney clears up reports about his upcoming collaborations with Bob Dylan and Ringo Starr.

25th May 2009

Quote: "I wanted to see the powerful, mystical Elvis that had crash-landed like a burning star on to American soil. The Elvis that was bursting with life. That's the Elvis that inspired us to all the possibilities of life. And that Elvis was gone, he has left the building." Bob Dylan couldn't face meeting Elvis Presley in the 1960s.

24th May 2009

Quote: "I do miss him. But I started to miss him about 10 years before he kicked the bucket." Bob Dylan remembers late country singer Johnny Cash.

5th May 2009

Quote: "It's peculiar and unnerving in a way to see so many young people walking around with cellphones and iPods in their ears and so wrapped up in media and video games. It robs them of their self-identity. It's a shame to see them so tuned out to real life." Folk singer Bob Dylan, 67, laments the growing popularity of high-tech toys.

26th April 2009

Fact: Folk legend Bob Dylan is to team up with Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp for an extensive tour of U.S. ballparks this summer (09). The dates will kick off on 2 July (09) at the GCS Ballpark in Sauget, Illinois and conclude on 15 August (09) at the Banner Island Ballpark in Stockton, California.

15th April 2009

Fact: The lyrics to the songs on Bob Dylan's new album TOGETHER THROUGH LIFE were co-written by Grateful Dead lyricist ROBERT HUNTER.

15th April 2009

Quote: "Im not saying they dont keep going, but they need BILL. Without him theyre a funk band. Theyll be the real Rolling Stones when they get Bill back." Veteran musician Bob Dylan is convinced the Rolling Stones will never be the same with out former bassist Bill Wyman who quit in 1992.

7th April 2009

Quote: "He's like a fictional character. But he's real." Bob Dylan voices his thoughts on new U.S. President Barack Obama.

30th January 2009

Fact: Bob Dylan and are to appear together in an advert for soft drinks giant Pepsi, which will air during ad breaks at the upcoming Super Bowl (01Feb09). The commercial will feature a mix of Dylan's 1974 classic track FOREVER YOUNG.

14th January 2009

Fact: Rocker Jerry Lee Lewis has recruited ROLLING STONE RONNIE WOOD as a collaborator for his forthcoming album. Neil Young bassist RICKY ROSAS and Bob Dylan drummer JIM KELTNER have also contributed to the as-yet-unnamed LP.

9th January 2009

Fact: WILLIAM ZANTZINGER, the subject of Bob Dylan's 1963 protest song THE LONESOME DEATH OF HATTIE CARROLL, has died at the age of 69.

18th December 2008

Fact: A master tape of unreleased recordings from Bob Dylan's album NASHVILLE SKYLINE is to go up for auction on website eBay.

11th October 2008

Quote: "I was on Bob Dylan's radio show. He has this Theme Time Radio Hour and he'd interview people; he pretends he hangs out with people and he said, 'I went to the farmer's market with John Cusack...' and I thought, 'Wow, I really made it'." John Cusack was thrilled to get namechecked by his hero.

6th October 2008

Fact: Legendary singer/songwriter Bob Dylan claims Scottish poet ROBERT BURNS' 1794 song A Red, Red Rose - which is often published as a poem - had the biggest effect on his life and work.

29th September 2008

Fact: Folk legend Bob Dylan's new album is to be released as a live stream on the internet. TELL TALE SIGNS, a two-disc LP, will be unleashed on the National Public Radio website on Tuesday (30Sep08). It will hit shops a week later.

26th July 2008

Fact: Goth-rockers My Chemical Romance have been asked to record an unnamed Bob Dylan cover for the end credits of much-anticipated comic book movie WATCHMEN.

26th July 2008

Fact: Goth-rockers My Chemical Romance have been asked to record an unnamed Bob Dylan cover for the end credits of much-anticipated comic book movie WATCHMEN.

24th June 2008

Quote: "Not even my nine Grammys mean as much to me as having the friendship of a man like him." Musician Sheryl Crow stresses how much her friendship with fellow rocker Bob Dylan means to her.

16th March 2008

Quote: "It turned into a shoe-staring contest. Some things you're not prepared for, and that was one of them." Nick Cave upon meeting Bob Dylan at the Glastonbury Festival.

26th February 2008

Fact: Bob Dylan has invited Jack White, Willie Nelson and Lucinda Williams to help him record tracks country icon Hank Williams left unfinished for an upcoming compilation.

29th January 2008

Fact: Bob Dylan's former girlfriend SUZE ROTOLO, who dated the legendary singer/songwriter in the early 1960s, releases her memoir A FREEWHEELIN' TIME in May (08). The book will detail her then-illegal abortion of Dylan's baby in 1963.

17th January 2008

Quote: "My two heroes right now are Bob Dylan and THE DALAI LAMA. He held my hand for five minutes, man. It was weird. You're not supposed to touch him. I thought, well, I kind of feel like his girlfriend." Rocker John Mellencamp on his experience in the presence of the world's most famous Buddhist monk.

26th November 2007

Fact: Bob Dylan has recorded an updated version of his 1963 classic A HARD RAIN'S A-GONNA FALL for a TV advertising campaign for Spain's water-themed Expo Zaragoza 2008 world fair.

10th November 2007

Quote: "We're THE Rolling Stones or the Bob Dylan of the rap game. Most people know it, but Americans know it last." Rapper Chuck D is pleased Public Enemy are now as acclaimed in his native U.S. as they are elsewhere.

25th October 2007

Quote: "There was a sock down my Y-fronts." Cate Blanchett on playing Bob Dylan in new movie I'M NOT THERE.

25th October 2007

Quote: "There was a sock down my Y-fronts." Cate Blanchett on playing Bob Dylan in new movie I'M NOT THERE.

15th October 2007

Fact: Cult singer/songwriter Cat Power has paid tribute to Bob Dylan in a new song - SONG TO BOBBY will appear on her new album JUKEBOX.

27th September 2007

Quote: "The idea of playing Bob Dylan was just so utterly ludicrous that of course I had to say yes and it was very daunting." Hollywood actress Cate Blanchett couldn't turn down the opportunity to play the legendary musician in I'M NOT THERE.

18th September 2007

Quote: "I just strapped those breasts down and went for it." Cate Blanchett on preparing to play Bob Dylan in new movie I'M NOT THERE.

21st August 2007

Fact: Rock legends Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello are teaming up for a 13-date U.S. tour this autumn (07).

28th March 2007

Fact: Funnyman Adam Sandler used Bob Dylan as inspiration for his character's shoddy image in new film REIGN OVER ME.

18th February 2007

Quote: "The best way to get to know people is by having sex with them or working with them - and neither of those things is on the cards with me and Dylan, so it's probably best that I don't." Cate Blanchett doesn't fancy meeting legendary musician Bob Dylan - who she plays in movie I'M NOT THERE.

18th February 2007

Quote: "The best way to get to know people is by having sex with them or working with them - and neither of those things is on the cards with me and Dylan, so it's probably best that I don't." Cate Blanchett doesn't fancy meeting legendary musician Bob Dylan - who she plays in movie I'M NOT THERE.

27th November 2006

Quote: "Well I drew up a list of thirty-three but that would have made it three CDs but I think that's overstating it a bit because Bob Dylan's only got two CDs in his Best Of." Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher had to cut back his track-listing for Greatest Hits album STOP THE CLOCKS.

8th September 2006

Fact: At 65, Bob Dylan has become the oldest living person ever to debut at the top of the US album charts. His new release, MODERN TIMES, became the folk-rock icon's first number one album in 30 years when it debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart on Wednesday (06SEP06).

25th August 2006

Fact: Kings Of Leon, Foo Fighters and the RACONTEURS are all celebrating after they were handpicked to perform with Bob Dylan on the folk-rock legend's upcoming tour. Dates start in Vancouver, Canada on 11 October (06).

25th August 2006

Quote: "More people have ever seen the Mona Lisa than ever listened to Michael Jackson. And only three people can see it (Mona Lisa) at once. Talk about impact." Bob Dylan on art's impact over music.

24th August 2006

Quote: "They say, 'Dylan never talks.' What the hell is there to say? That's not the reason an artist is in front of people." Bob Dylan explains why he likes to keep his mouth shut during concerts.

24th August 2006

Quote: "I remember seeing Alicia Keys on the Grammys... I said to myself, 'There's nothing about that girl I don't like.'" Bob Dylan on paying tribute to Keys in his new song THUNDER ON THE MOUNTAIN.

9th August 2006

Fact: Bob Dylan has signed a deal to give fans who pre-order his new album, MODERN TIMES, on Apple's iTunes website priority bookings for his autumn US tour.

7th July 2006

Fact: Bob Dylan helped cheer Sheryl Crow up after she split from cyclist Lance Armstrong - he sent his musical pal a bunch of flowers.

22nd April 2006

Quote: "Bob passed on a few lessons to me... 'Don't read anything in the paper, don't watch TV. Get away.'" Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder remembers pearls of wisdom he was given by Bob Dylan at the beginning of his career.

10th March 2006

Fact: Bob Dylan and Morrissey will headline this year's (06) Roskilde Festival in Denmark.

8th November 2005

Fact: <p>Guy Pearce and Hayden Christensen have joined the cast of upcoming EDIE SEDGEWICK biopic FACTORY GIRL, playing Andy Warhol and a character based on Bob Dylan respectively. </p>

25th September 2005

Quote: <p>"The fact that Bob Dylan even knows who I am is shocking to me. I sound calm talking about it, but in the quiet hours it makes me feel totally overwhelmed and giddy." Sheryl Crow talks about her feeling for pal and mentor BOB DYLAN, who she often calls on for musical and career advice. </p>

26th August 2005

Quote: <p>"I have three dads: my biological father, GOD and Bob Dylan." The WHITE STRIPES' JACK WHITE has several father figures. </p>

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