Apparently people have been making Bob Dylan feel so bad about winning the Nobel Literature Prize this month that he has felt the need to remove any mention of it from his website. No wonder he hasn't been in contact with the Nobel committee just yet.

Bob DylanBob Dylan removes Nobel Prize mention from his website

In a piece plugging his latest book of lyrics, 'The Lyrics: 1961-2012', the legendary songwriter was referred to as 'winner of the Nobel prize in literature'. Which he is. Unfortunately, it encouraged sceptics everywhere to continue their tirade against him and vociferate their opinions on why he's unworthy to be named a Nobel laureate.

Despite the fact that his lyrical poetry has been published on multiple occasions without the accompaniment of music, there are still some very short-sighted people in the world that believe that he doesn't deserve to have won the prestigious prize simply because he is a musician. It doesn't matter to them that his lyrics are inspired by multiple works of literature or that he's also written music-free poetry; according to them, he deserves the Nobel Literature Prize as much as [insert bitter novelist's name here] deserves a Grammy. 

Because of the drama and the hate, or perhaps simply because he is a humble person, he has been more than modest about his landmark achievement. In fact, he hasn't responded to any of the Swedish Academy's emails or phone calls this past week, though his 'closest collaborator' has apparently been in touch. 

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Thankfully, the jealous objections from his peers have not driven him to a) reject the award altogether, or b) remove the news from his Twitter and Facebook pages. And even if he did decide to refuse to acknowledge it from here on, this isn't the sort of prize you can 'give back'. He'll still be listed among the Nobel Literature Prize winners whether he likes it or not.

The jury's still out on whether or not he'll attend the special banquet and ceremony in Stockholm on December 10th 2016, though certain academy members have expressed confidence in his attendance.