Bob Dylan could very well be heading to the valleys of Wales as the country celebrates the centenary of the life of one of the country's most famous sons, Dylan Thomas.

Bob, real name Robert Zimmerman, is famously a huge Thomas fan and used the poet's name to come up with his own his stage name. Geraint Davies, the MP for West Swansea, is spearheading a campaign to have to folk superstar come to the Welsh city to perform a tribute concert in honour of the late poet, who 100th birthday would have fallen on 27 October. Mr Davies told parliament earlier this week: "I have asked Bob Dylan whether he would be prepared to give a centenary concert in Swansea, in order that he could blend his music with Dylan Thomas's poetry. Sony Music has come back and said that Mr. Dylan is thinking very positively about the idea."

Although Bob has never actually confirmed that he named himself after the Welsh poet, he did acknowledge the influence Thomas had on him in his early days in his autobiography and alluded to the fact that he may have taken the poets name to come up with his moniker. However, a number of skeptics have said that this might not be the case, including the singer/songwriter's biographer Robert Shelton.