The two typewritten pages contain the original lyrics to the 1962 anti-war track plus handwritten changes, new lines and scribbles by the folk icon.

In the early manuscript, Dylan pens the line "I've climbed up six purple mountains", which later became "twelve misty mountains" in the final recorded song.

Gabriel Heaton, books and manuscripts specialist at Sotheby's auction house, says, "You can see it was not originally intended as a working draft... It was meant to be a final version of the song but when he starts reading it again, he clearly is unhappy with it and starts reworking, starts revising ... more ideas start spilling out of his brain... You can really see him creating here, you can see just how easily these amazing lines seem to have come to him ... they just spill out. What a mind!"

The manuscript will be sold in London on 29 September (15). The auction house sold a handwritten final draft of the lyrics in New York last year (14) for $400,000 (£250,000).