This Tuesday, August 27, sees the release of Bob Dylan’s sequel (or should that be a blooper reel) to his 1970 Self Portrait. The tracks on Another Self Portrait, however, are far from bloopers themselves. While the 1970 original was largely critically panned, the 35 tracks on the new album, which include songs, which didn’t make it on his follow-up New Morning, as well as some miscellaneous previously unreleased recordings, also contain some of the biggest gems from Self Portrait.

Bob Dylan, Hop Farm Festival
With this record, Dylan has reclaimed the power from his record label.

This Portrait seems to contain all the music that the will of record producers left off the original, to the regret of fans. The two-disc set also offers live recordings from Dylan’s 1969 performance on the Isle of Wight, accompanied by The Band. In short, these cutting room floor rejects seem to hold most of the soul of the 1970 album and more.

Bob Dylan, Hop Farm Festival
And with good reason.

Besides a treat for longtime Bob Dylan fans, of which the world is still full, it could make a great introduction to the musician’s work for those who “never quite managed to get into” his music. And yes, we’re going to stop sounding like an album ad at this point. But, if you need a break from the overproduced music flooding the mainstream these days, the mellow, easy sounds of Another Self Portrait might be a good album to check out.

'Pretty Saro' served as the lead single for the record: