Today in the category of “epic fail” today, The Price is Right gave us a story of a $21,000+ blunder, courtesy of model Manuela Arbelaez. Arbelaez, who has been working on the show for 6 years now, apparently felt a bit too generous on Thursday.

While the contestant, named Andrea, was tasked with guessing the price of a car  - a Hyundai Sonata, valued at $21,960, according to Us Magazine, Arbelaez apparently rushed the big reveal. While the contestant was still guessing the correct price of the car, the Manuela jumped the gun and accidentally unveiled the "winning" price.

She realised her mistake immediately after, but by then, it was too late. Andrea had already been announced as the winner.

"I WIN!" the contestant cheered, while Arbelaez processed her blunder and covered her mouth. Host Drew Carey agreed with the lucky winner and said: "Congratulations! Manuela just gave you a car! The game is over folks."

And here you might be thinking, the network must have been a bit teed off at the mistake, right? Well, apparently, Arbelaez has some of the kindest bosses in the industry, who just let the mistake slide. She even joked about the incident on Twitter.


The only question now is – did the woman get to keep the car?