Bo Derek is in legal hot water after pulling out of a post-September 11 (01) animal rights fundraiser and refusing to return her appearance fee.

Philadelphia's MAIN LINE RESCUE dog adoption service has been strapped for cash ever since the actress allegedly decided to keep the $15,000 (GBP10,000) she was paid in lieu of appearing at a charity dog show.

Derek's sister called to explain that the actress would not be appearing at the 22 September (01) event due to the terrorist atrocities, and then explained that the 10 star could not return the money because she had given it to another charity.

Now, the organisation's bosses are taking Derek to court in a bid to get their cash back.

Spokesman LIAM SMITH says, "I thought she was really great until this happened. We knew when she didn't give the money back that we wouldn't be able to take in as many animals as we did the year before.

"We understood at the time when she cancelled, but her sister told us that it was Bo's policy never to return money. I don't understand why she can't just give the money back."

12/06/2003 09:06