Review of Kids On Fire Single by BM Linx

Review of BM Linx

BM Linx Kids On Fire Single

The jury's out. I made a mistake. A schoolgirl error. I KNOW! I should know better. But I read the press release first. Yes. before I'd started writing. And then I looked at the website and looked at all the pictures. I know. But it's done now.

So: BM Linx do a neat line in the whole electro-rock crossover thing that people have been doing for a lot longer than anybody seems to remember anymore. And yes, they fuse very ROCK sounding sounds with very ELECTRO sounding sounds. And the music might be exciting (it is, by and large) but please don't try and convince me that the concept is. Because it isn't. And the vocals aren't soaring. They are wanky.

I think we need to take it as read that musicians will continue to cross-breed various genres of music until we enter some kind of unidentifiable music-labelling meltdown. But as some wise women once sang to me in my bedroom in a land before time, 'It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it.'

Hayley Avron

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